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misaki ☆彡
03 December 2030 @ 05:59 am

not using livejournal as a medium to express my feelings and making friends anymore. i have my own reasons.
however,you can always reach me via lj pm. i am still around to maintain paradaisuu and voca_uta
misaki ☆彡
02 February 2015 @ 08:32 pm
i received a handful of messages about me deleting my vocaloid/utaite download community. so this is like faq for that matter.

first and foremost, i am the one who deleted the community. it wasn't purged due to copyrights.

Q1 why do you delete the community?
here's the reason why :
01 inactive uploaders. it was stressful tbh, being the only one to update the site /all the time/
02 inactive members. i understand that people don't use lj much nowadays but comments encourage me to update and keep it alive
03 reposters. should i elaborate? i don't think so. never gonna trust people easily anymore

Q2 do you have any plan to create any vocaloid/utaite related community?
sorry to say, but no. i don't like feeling obliged to do this. let others do the thing.
there are plenty public sites that leech download from OPs.

i shared my personal rips and some of them were reposted on public sites. freaking public sites. i don't mind if you want to mirror the links with your friends privately through DMs or whatever way, but re-sharing publicly is unacceptable.

to people who repost and disregard original uploaders' feelings; are you happy now?
easy to simply copy and paste or mirror to other sites and change tags and label it with you sites' url. just those simple acts had took away my trust towards people. good job

Q3 where can I download vocaloid/utaite stuffs?
go fricking google yourself.
i used to give links away to people via DMs but I want to stop being so nice so do it yourself. (unless you're a friend whom i've talked to for years)

I hope these answered your questions. Any similar messages will be ignored from here on.
Please support the artists (vocaloPs and utaites) by buying actual copies of their works.